Cut The Shit – Marked For Life (For fans of Municipal Waste, Ceremony, Bones Brigade)

I love all flavors of punk rock, but I have an incredibly soft spot for blistering fast, rip your face off, no fucking frills hardcore in this jaded heart of mine.  Years ago I posted about one of my go to skate records Harmed And Dangerous by the Boston hardcore dudes Cut The Shit (funnily enough it was right around the same time of year as now), but I thought that was the only thing I’d hear by them, as all of their other EPs are out of print.

Little did I know Cut The Shit released a compilation called Marked For Life of all of their other EPs.  Even though the band broke up years ago, I was able to get a copy of the compilation… so christmas came a little bit early for me.  With 27 songs finishing in 26 minutes, Marked For Life is everything hardcore is supposed to be: pissed, primal, and not overly complicated.

If you dig your hardcore without the chunky breakdowns and rowdy as all hell, definitely check out Cut The Shit.  Easily one of my favorites.

Cut The Shit – Burn The Dance Clubs

Get Rowdy:
Scenester 101: How To Be An Old School Hardcore Kid In 10 Easy Steps!
La Armada – Self Titled
American Nightmare – Background Music

Well Shit. It looks like this is out of print too.

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