Best Practices – The EP LP (For fans of Cloak/Dagger, Joyce Manor, Dillinger Four)

The whole melodic punk rock with emo influences have been all the rage lately, and I missed that bandwagon.  I never really got into Joyce Manor or Latterman (who’ve I been meaning to check out) but any time I’m in the mood for that style and start listening to those bands, I’m just like “I should throw on some Texas Is The Reason or Lifetime.”

Besides, too many of those emo influenced bands just seem to lack the balls/ovaries that makes it punk to begin with.  So how do you keep me interested?  With plenty of aggression, and Rhode Island’s Best Practices do it fucking right on The EP LP.

Imagine if you took The Descendents or Dillinger Four, threw them in a room and made them listen to nothing but Sunny Day Real Estate for months on end and then forced them to record.  That’s pretty much Best Practices for you.  Best Practices deliver 9 punchy melodic punk jams in 12 minutes on The EP LP, and I haven’t been able to stop listening.

Reminding me a lot of Cloak/Dagger, Best Practices has a very garage punk sound to them and with the gargled gravel vocals, is the perfect blend of aggression and pure melody.  The album doesn’t let up for a minute, and keeps the listener hooked with constant stylistic changes.

Definitely one of the better releases of 2012, I highly recommend Best Practices The EP LP for any fan who likes their punk a little more melodic.

Best Practices – Future Cougar

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