Paint It Black Secret Holiday House Show (Live In Philly 12/27/12)

When I saw that Paint It Black was playing a rare show in DC and then NJ this winter but left Philly off the list, I had a hunch that they had something up their sleeves for their hometown.  So when I saw that they announced that they were going to play a secret house show in Philly yesterday, you can imagine how stoked I was.

I headed to West Philly’s Golden Tea House pretty damn early, and the kitchen was already starting to get packed with people.  We love our Paint It Black here in Philly.

Bad Energy:

First up were locals Bad Energy.  These guys (and gal) played a solid set with their blast beat hardcore.  It was a bit hard to hear the vocals (something that was true for the entire show actually), but it’s a house show, so really, who gives a fuck?  A few in the crowd lost their shit, and I’d definitely catch them again.

Attitude Era:

Best band name ever?  Probably.  Attitude Era took the floor next with the singer immediately jumping into the crowd starting a bit of a frenzy.  Think hardcore in the veins of Punch or Coke Bust.  Very short set that was quick and brutal as fuck, just the way hardcore was meant to be played.


Restorations have been making a name for themselves as of late, and these guys were sort of the black sheep of the show with their indie influenced, super melodic punk rock (they were sort of the calm before the Paint It Black storm).  It’s not really my favorite style of punk, but there were plenty of people in the crowd singing along to every word and rocking out.

Paint It Black:

Philly’s own hometown heroes.  There aren’t many bands that reach the success that Paint It Black has, and still play $5 house shows for us.  Last time I saw Paint It Black at a house, it was easily one of the best shows I’ve been to so I was beyond stoked.

The floor was packed, and the second they hit their first note we burst into a frenzy of bumrushing, pile ons, and crowd surfing.  Dan Yemin was throwing himself into the crowd (I’m sure to partially protect the equipment from us maniacs).

At one point, the band wanted to record all of us shouting “GO” so they can put it on their next record they plan on recording this winter “we know it’s cheesy but I really want to do it anyway”.

A damn good show, probably the best surprise holiday gift I’ve gotten this year.

Four Deadly Venoms
The Ledge
Exit Wounds
Atticus Finch
Past Tense, Future Perfect
Pink Slip
White Kids Dying Of Hunger
Election Day
Womb Envy
This Song Is Short Because It’s Not Political (I think)…
Memorial Day
We Will Not
The Pharmacist

Paint It Black – Memorial Day

Hit The Ground Running, Won’t Slow Down:
Paint It Black – Amnesia
Kid Dynamite, And The Art Of Moshing Everywhere
Lifetime – Hello Bastards

Paint It Black

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