Bouncing Souls, The Casualties, Grey Area Home For The Holidays (Live In Asbury Park 12/28/12)

Ah yes, The Bouncing Souls Home For The Holidays… their (and mine) yearly holiday tradition since 2007 where the Souls play 4 nights in Asbury Park with something special going on each night.  I went on Friday at the Stone Pony, because Grey Area was playing and I fucking love those guys.

Team Vibes:

Team Vibes kicked things off for the festive night, and while I don’t know anything about them, it seemed like a decent amount of people were digging their set.  They played slower, Gaslight Anthem-esque music that I’m actually not too crazy about… but I can see them gaining a decent following by people who are into that.

Grey Area:

Fuck yeah.  Even though I was a little bit sick and still really fucking sore from the Paint It Black house show I went to the night before, I was beyond stoked to see these guys.  Although it was only about 5 people (including myself) two stepping and dancing through out their set, a decent amount of people were shouting along every word.

Ernie and crew took the stage and joked around with the crowd about the H20 show they were at last night, cover songs, and generally keeping it light as Grey Area is known to do.  It was a bit strange seeing them with a barrier up since last show I saw them was at Philly’s intimate Fire, but it was still a damn good time with their Lifetime/Kid Dynamite type of melodic hardcore.

Right Now
Before Me
No Guarentees (I think)

BONUS: At the end of the show, I overheard some guy talking about how he never heard of Grey Area before, but how they were easily his favorite band of the night.  Fuck yeah.

The Casualties:

I know it’s not “cool” to like The Casualties after the age of 17 (shit, some say 13) but fuck it, and if you’re one of those holier than thou types, fuck you too… The Casualties are always a fun time.  I didn’t anticipate dancing to the gritty street punk sounds of these NY dudes, but once they played “Get Off My Back” I found myself thrashing around in the a circle pit.

It’s funny how much the pit itself was almost like a history of The Casualties legacy: during the newer songs, you saw some younger kids doing their thing and then the old fucks like myself would come out during their Die Hards and For The Punx songs. Current status of the punx?  Upped.

Get Off My Back
Ugly Bastards
Punk Rock Love
Made In NYC
Police Brutality (I think)
Tomorrow Belongs To Us

The Bouncing Souls:

The Bouncing Souls?  Those fucking NJ moochers.  Regardless of how I feel about their latest albums, The Bouncing Souls will always and forever be my favorite band. They got me through a lot of shit in life over the past decade and them some years I’ve been listening to them, and regardless of the fact I’ve seen them close to 30-40 times, I always get excited to see them again… especially in NJ.

The band took the stage (surprisingly not to Born To Run, as is holiday tradition) and instantly opened with Manthem… Ahh shit.  This was the song I completely annihilated my arm (2 steel plates and 20 screws) to at their show last year, and I’d be fucking lying if I said I don’t get a little panicky every time it comes on.  Except this time around, I was way to stoked and just lost my shit in the pit which I didn’t leave for the entirety of the show.

The Souls setlist was created by Mike Dirnt of Green Day fame, and he had them play songs off of most of their albums, with a pretty strong emphasis on How I Spent My Summer Vacation.  We were rowdy throughout the entire set (I realize now I didn’t watch them at all as I was in the pit the ENTIRE time).  At one point, the band brought up The Loved Ones who played their song Jane which was pretty sweet.  Great Souls show, no serious injuries (a little black eye ain’t no thang), and I think I’m finally convinced of getting a Bouncing Souls tattoo that I’ve been contemplating for the last 10 years.

Set (From what I remember and not in order):
Say Anything
Sing Along Forever (I think)
Toilet Song
East Coast Fuck You
Hopeless Romantic
True Believers
Quick Check Girl
Ballad Of Johnny X
Sarah Saturday
Lean On Sheena
Better Things
I Like Your Mom
The Guest

Bouncing Souls – Low Life
Grey Area – Lucky
The Casualties – Get Off My Back

Bouncing Souls “Worst” Album
Bouncing Souls – The Good The Bad And The Argyle
Bouncing Souls Split Series

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