Holy Fuck How Is It 2013 Already (A Mix)

2012 was a pretty busy year for all of us, we survived 2 apocalypses, had an election, and personally I did a decent amount of traveling on a shoestring budget which I’ve been wanting to do in my life.

Musically, there were shitloads of good releases (still narrowing down my top 10 of 2012, stay tuned…) and a damn good amount of live shows which was sweet.

Here’s a little new year’s mix for you all.

Thursday – Jet Black New Year
Bouncing Souls – The New Thing
The Lawrence Arms – 100 Resolutions
Bedouin Soundclash – New Year’s Day
Armalite – New Years
Cloak/Dagger – New Years Resolution

This is my year for sure:
Scenester 101: How To Be A Modern Day Street Punk
How To Be A 3rd Wave Ska Dork
How To Be A Skinhead
How To Be a stereotypical Hardcore kid in a few easy steps!


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