Anchors – Lost At The Bottom Of The World (For fans of Propagandhi, Smoke or Fire, A Wilhelm Scream)

I’ve been meaning to check Anchors Lost At The Bottom Of The World for a few months now, but it got lost in my shit to review list (no, seriously… I have a playlist called “shit to review” and it has over a good 2 days worth of music in there.  I will never catch up, and that’s a good thing.)  It’s too damn bad that it took me so long to review, because Lost At The Bottom Of The World could have been a contender on my top 10 of 2012.

These Australian boys deliver 12 songs in just over a half hour, and the entire album completely rips.  Singer Brett Horsely’s vocal delivery reminds me a lot of 1208’s Alex Flynn while the guitars play intricate riffs over catchy melodies that are incredibly reminiscent of Propagandhi (which is NEVER a bad thing).

The album itself blends seamlessly in with the next, nothing feels out of place (besides for at some times the album feeling a bit long), and I find listening to Lost At The Bottom Of The World in it’s entirety to be the best way.  If you dig aggressive yet melodic punk rock, definitely give this one a listen.

Anchors – Everything’s Amazing And Nobody’s Happy

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Creator Destructor Records

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