Ghostlimb – Confluence (For fans of DANGERS, Graf Orlock, Ceremony)

As anyone who has seen my top 10 list of 2012 would know, I have recently discovered Ghostlimb and they have easily become one of my most listened to bands (and the only show I’ve been to so far in 2013). Their latest album Confluence placed 5th in my personal favorites released last year, and it’s one hell of a noisy, aggressive, album.

Ghostlimb usually plays a style that I could best describe as melodic grind mixed with hardcore.  On previous releases, Ghostlimb blended shredding guitars at with lightning speed drums with flashes of brilliant melodies.  While the melodies on Confluence are much more subtle, they are still there.

Lyrically the band tackles mostly political issues and social commentary often through the lens of history, making for a much more interesting listen than the usual “fuck the government” that seems to be the norm in punk these days.

With 12 songs in 22 minutes (and one of the most brilliant covers of a Hot Water Music song I’ve ever heard), Confluence is a must for those looking for something a little more heavy.

Ghostlimb – Margins

Ghostlimb – Bearing And Distance
Graf Orlock – Destination: Time Today
Graf Orlock – Destination Time Tomorrow

Vitriol Records

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