United Nations – Self Titled (For fans of Thursday, Glassjaw, Converge)

United Nations played a rare show in Philly earlier this week, and I missed it.  Oh well.  I can say I’ve been spinning their Self Titled pretty much nonstop since though.

A brief history:  United Nations is surrounded by secrecy with most of the official members identities kept hidden due to contracts, etc.  Founded by Geoff of Thursday, other rumored members involved with the project are members of Glassjaw and Converge.  In addition, the band has had legal issues with the actual United Nations, and also had the majority of retailers refuse to sell their debut Self Titled with the original artwork due to copyright issues (which featured a picture of Abbey Road with all of The Beatles on fire).  Needless to say, shit hasn’t been easy for them.

Musically, the band describes themselves as “screamo powerviolence” which essentially means take Thursday songs and give them a shit ton of amphetamines. Songs such as opener “The Spinning Heart Of The Yo Yo Lobby” or “My Cold War” are incredibly heavy jams that any hardcore fan can get behind while “Filmed In Front Of Live Studio Audience” is much more reminiscent of Thursday.

If you dig aggressive blast beat filled music, you can’t really go wrong with United Nations.

United Nations – Resolution #9

Thursday – Full Collapse
La Dispute – Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between…
Punch – Self Titled
Converge – Jane Doe

United Nations

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