DNF – Hurt (For fans of Trash Talk, Ceremony, Touche Amore)

Take a quick look through your record collection, how do you feel about ripping powerviolence hardcore?  If you dig it, then you’ll definitely love DNF’s (or Duke Nukem Forever) 7 inch release Hurt.

Featuring members of both Trash Talk and Touche Amore, DNF plays eye gouging hardcore similar to the likes of old Punch or Ceremony (in fact, the vocals sound a lot like they do on Violence Violence).  In typical powerviolence fashion, the band is constantly alternating between shredding riffs and slower sludgier parts, without ever really staying in either long enough to call it home.

The lyrics are dark and the music is gritty and abrasive, yet delivered with such precision anytime you think they are about to go over the edge, they reel you right back in to their controlled aggression.

Definitely a must for any fan of powerviolence, and I’d love to see them do a tour of the east coast sometime soon (maybe with Ceremony and Punch?  That would fucking rule).

DNF – Waste

Mighty Morphin Power Violence:
Punch – Self Titled
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Coke Bust – Fuck Bar Culture
United Nations – Self Titled

No Idea

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