Big D And The Kids Table – How It Goes (For fans of Streetlight Manifesto, Bomb The Music Industry, Less Than Jake)

Sometimes you can listen to an album that will completely take you back to a particular point in your life.  For me, Big D And The Kids Table release How It Goes takes me back to my sophmore year in college where I grabbed it the day it came out in 2004.  By that point, I already been a hardcore Big D fan for a few years (I even had the wristband that I wore religiously along with my Rise Against wrist band) and was highly anticipating the release for a few months ever since I heard them play “Girls Against Drunk Bitches” a few times live.  Good times.

Big D and The Kids Table are one of the more well known ska bands around these days, and they’ve mixed up their style a bit in recent years, but How It Goes was the final release that I would say sounds like classic, straight forward Big D And The Kids Table ska-punk.  Whether it’s the crowd favorite shout along “L.A.X” which uses the word “fuck” more times than Al Pacino does in Goodfellas, or party anthem “Bender”, How It Goes is 20 song skanktastic ride (with only detouring maybe once or twice with a slower instrumental or acoustic jam).

While I haven’t seen them in years, How It Goes will always remind me of that time period of my life where I was ditching college classes to catch them play with The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches, locking my keys in my car in a sketchy part of Richmond, and still making it to the show in time, car be damned.

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Big D And The Kids Table

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