Off With Their Heads – Home (For fans of Dillinger Four, Smoke Or Fire, Menzingers)

After their stellar release of In Desolation (which was my favorite album of 2010) Minneapolis punks Off With Their Heads certainly set the bar high.  I’m happy to say though that the band definitely delivers with their 3rd full length album Home.

Off With Their Heads still bring their flavor of Dillinger Four-esque gruffy pop-punk, and remain catch as ever without really losing any of their punk sensibilities.  While Home is a bit more polished than any of their previous works, the songs are sure to still induce the beer soaked sing-along pits we’re used to seeing from them.

One thing that sets Off With Their Heads apart from other bands is their ability to deliver the familiar without becoming too repetitious or having all of their albums sound the same.  Like a long time friend, old fans can find comfort in hearing the tunes that made them fall in love with it in the first place (they even bring us a rerecording of Janie), yet urges you to go skydiving with them to keep things fresh and exciting.

The experimentation and deviation doesn’t always work though.  My only real complaint about the album is the post-grunge “Don’t Make Me Go”, which to me just feels incredibly out of place and kills the flow of the album.  Besides the minor setback, Home is easily a contender for one of the best albums of 2013.

Off With Their Heads – Nightlife

“Won’t Let Anything Get To Me”:
Off With Their Heads – In Desolation
Off With Their Heads – Hospitals
Off With Their Heads – From The Bottom
Dillinger Four – Situationist Comedy

Off With Their Heads

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