Bad Side – Looking For A Bad Time (For fans of Bones Brigade, DS 13, Cut The Shit)

From the ashes of a bunch of Philly bands comes Bad Side, the hardcore project containing members of Lighten Up, Cobra Lung, and GA$H.  I’m going to keep this one quick in the spirit of the music, but I’ve been listening to their demo nonstop for months now.

Bad Side’s 5 minute demo captures what hardcore is all about: raw, fast as fuck aggressive music that is sure to entice plenty of stage dives.  While I hate the overuse of different “-cores” (it’s all just fucking punk rock man), these guys definitely remind a lot of some of the more traditional fastcore bands like DS 13 or LxExAxRxN.  If you dig your hardcore without the chunky breakdowns and floor punching… definitely give these guys a listen, if their demo is this good, I can’t wait to see when they release something.

Bad Side – Demo

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Bad Side

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