Paint It Black – Invisible (For fans of Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, The Hope Conspiracy)

I honestly can’t believe it’s been nearly four years since Paint It Black has put out any new music, and anyone who has been reading this little ole’ blog for a while knows how bad I’ve been jonesing for some new tunes from Philly’s finest (although in their defense… Dan’s been busy being a new father and playing with old bands while the other members have been touring with their own respective bands). So how exactly does the brand spanking new Invisible EP fare?  Well, let me just say I’ve been listening to it an average of 3-4 times a day.

With 6 songs in 10 minutes, Paint It Black brings us a new level of melodic hardcore with Invisible.  Lyrically Dan delivers his witty yet pissed lyrics that we’ve come to expect from Paint It Black, but the Dr. charts new lyrical waters with songs such as “Little Fists.” A rebellion anthem written for his daughter with lines like “And when things look bleak/I’ll kiss the tears from your cheek/And watch you clench your little fists in your sleep.” it’s nothing short of touching and stunning at the same time.

While Dan usually gets the spotlight when people talk about Paint It Black, we can’t forget about the other members, who have contributed to creating some of the best PIB songs yet on Invisible (I’m looking at you “Props For Ventriloquism”).  The songs remain incredibly melodic without losing any of their aggression, and many are very reminiscent of their killer album Paradise.

I know it’s premature but I feel pretty confident when I say it: Paint It Black’s Invisible will definitely be on my top 10 of 2013.  Here’s just hoping they don’t take another 4 years before the next release…
FUN FACT: Yours truly is on the album, sort of.  During their secret house show, Dan recorded us in the crowd yell “GO” on his cell phone and put us on “Props For Ventriloquism.”  Philadelphia is incredibly terrible at yelling go at the same time, by the way.

Paint It Black – Props For Ventriloquism

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