Mustard Plug – Evildoers Beware! (For fans of Streetlight Manifesto, Big D And The Kids Table, Less Than Jake)

Well we’ve finally gotten our first round of warm summer-esque weather here in Philadelphia, and I didn’t waste a minute heading out to my ancestral homeland of NJ’s beaches.  On my ride over though, I needed an album that just reminded me of summer, and Mustard Plug’s Evildoers Beware just hit the right spot.

Released back in 1997, Evildoers Beware was actually my first introduction to the ska band Mustard Plug, and it was actually introduced to me by a die hard metalhead.  Many moons ago, in the middle of my high school physics class (which I was bombing by the way) I got tired of my teacher’s music while we were working on a project, so I switched his CD with my Lagwagon’s “Let’s Talk About Feelings”.  It took a song or two before my teacher realized (and proceeded to yell at me) but afterwards my very metalhead buddy goes “oh, so you dig punkish stuff like that?  My sister listens to the same thing, there is actually only one album I like that she owns.  I’ll steal it for you, you should check it out.”  Needless to say it was Evildoers Beware, and I’ve fucking loved Mustard Plug since.

One of the pinnacles of the third wave ska era, if you dig ska (or even if you don’t… it was approved by a metal head) you should probably check out Mustard Plug’s Evildoers Beware!  It’ll always hold a special place in my skanking heart.

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