Caseracer / Ink And Sweat Split (For fans of Kid Dynamite, Hot Water Music, Go Rydell)

When I first heard Delaware/NJ’s Caseracer’s Self Titled EP some time last year, I was blown away by their cohesive melodic hardcore tunes, and anxiously waited for a new full length.  I’m still waiting for a full length, but in the meantime they dropped three new songs on a split with Tampa punks Ink and Sweat.

On the split, Caseracer opens up with “Uncomfortable Silence / The Death Of My Financial Security” which starts with a very Paint It Black-esque riff (which is NEVER a bad thing by the way), and immediately sets the tone for the split: energetic, melodic, and gruff.  Between “Van Envy” and “Untrue”, it’s sure to elicit plenty of two-stepping and sing-alongs (or at least it does in my bedroom.)

I’ve heard the name Ink and Sweat before but never actually heard them until this split, and their two songs definitely have me wanting to check out more.  Dual gal/guy vocals (although even the female vocals are pretty gruff) over melodic midtempo punk rock make for a solid listen.  They are relatively new and this split and their demo are all they’ve released according to their bandcamp.  If they keep it up, I can see them becoming a household name in our neck-beard, beer soaked music world.

Caseracer has it up on their bandcamp as a “pay what you want” download, and it’s definitely worth your time if you dig melodic punk rock.

Caseracer – Uncomfortable Silence / The Death Of My Financial Security
Ink and Sweat – Brickwalls and Pitfalls

Caseracer – Self Titled
Kid Dynamite, And The Art Of Moshing Everywhere
Go Rydell – Golden Age
Grey Area / Go Rydell Split

The EP

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