DS-13 – Thrash And Burn (For fans of Cut The Shit, Bones Brigade, LxExAxRxNx)

D.S.-13 Thrash And Burn

When you think of fast thrashy skate punk, I’m going to guess Sweden isn’t probably the first place that comes to mind, but after listening to DS-13 (short for Demon System 13) that might change.  These Umeå, Sweden punks certainly do their home country justice with their release of Thrash and Burn.

Thrash and Burn is a quick listen with 10 songs finishing in a mere 7 minutes, but with their scathing, adrenaline junkie fueled punk rock, anything more would probably result in an overdose.

With their English tongue in cheek lyrics, DS-13 provides a ripping commentary on everything from racists (“Shoot the racists!”) to all the tough guy hardcore bands signed to Victory Records (“Pathetic wankers/Think they’re hard/Macho insecurity/Got no place here”).

If you dig fast aggressive hardcore that’s all go no slow, you can’t go wrong with Thrash and Burn.  Fans of Bones Brigade and Cut The Shit will find refuge here.

DS-13 – Straights And Drunks

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Out Of Print.

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