Classics Of Love – Self Titled (For fans of Common Rider, Operation Ivy, Rancid)

classics of love

If you listen to ska at all, you know who Jesse Michaels is, and if not you probably at least have heard of his most famous project Operation Ivy, the quintessential ska-punk band.  Perhaps you’re a fan and have listened to his other band Common Rider (have I dropped enough names for you yet?)  After Common Rider’s demise Michaels went on sort of a musical hiatus, but recently came back to music with his latest punk band Classics of Love, and their Self Titled album is definitely a high energy punk album that any fan should check out.

Musically, the songs mostly remind me of later Common Rider, where they dropped the ska/reggae groove for more straightforward punk tunes.  Containing 13 songs, the entire album is a high energy onslaught pausing only briefly for a more mid-tempo ska jam.

It’s good to see Jesse Michaels back into the swing of things, and while rumors of Classics of Love breaking up have been rampant, according to their facebook page they wrote: “We didn’t break up, someone fix wikipedia because we don’t know how to do it” so if they come around your area, make sure you go see them.  If you dig your punk rock with a few upstrokes here and there, definitely give them a listen.

Classics Of Love – Castle In The Sky

Common Rider – Thief In A Sleeping Town
Bomb The Music Industry – Vacation
Scenester 101: How to Be a 3rd Wave Ska Dork

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