Deathrats – Self Titled 7 inch (For fans of Punch, Coke Bust, Ceremony)

deathrats cover

Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t handle repetition, my ADD just can’t handle it (hey, this is why I listen to spastic punk rock).  With that in mind, I’ve been spinning DC’s Deathrats Self Titled 7 inch at LEAST 3 times a day, this shit completely blows me away.

Deathrats play aggressive, female fronted hardcore and their 7 inch is easily one of the most brutal, yet catchy records I’ve heard in a long time. With 6 songs finishing in a mere 7 minutes, it’s a quick listen… however one thing that really sets Deathrats apart from all the other adrenaline junkie hardcore bands is how fucking catchy they are.  Most hardcore bands rely on minor chords and dissonance to sound dark and heavy.  Deathrats prove you can do just fine with major chords, mix them with some blast beat drumming, add some charged vocals and you’ll still be heavy as any other.

If you like your punk rock and hardcore heavy like Punch, you definitely can’t go wrong grabbing Deathrat’s Self Titled.  Unfortunately the band called it a day early last year (and I never had a chance to see them… fuck me), but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing this gem.

Deathrats – Self Obsessed

DNF – Hurt
Punch – Self Titled
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Coke Bust – Fuck Bar Culture
United Nations – Self Titled


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