Math The Band – Don’t Worry (For fans of Atom And His Package, Matt and Kim, Andrew WK)


It’s summertime, and you need some light-hearted jams.  Relax, Math The Band has your back.  Taking the goofy ass electronic synthpunk that Atom And His Package was carrying, this Providence, Rhode Island duo plays overly poppy electronic music on their 2009 release of Don’t Worry.

There is essentially one theme of the album, and it’s to have a good time.  You won’t find anything even remotely serious here…well, except they are very serious about having a good time, which seems to be a general theme with the synth-dance group (see Totally Michael).

Half obnoxious video game music, half guitar cranked power chords, honestly if anyone was to describe this music to me I feel like I would just be fucking annoyed, but there’s something about Don’t Worry that sticks with me.  While I don’t find myself listening to it as often as Atom or Totally Michael (my go to electronic duders), I will throw it on occasionally for when I need a shot of musical espresso.

This is music for people on speed.

Math The Band – Why Didn’t You Get A Haircut

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Math The Band

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