Ghostlimb – Infrastructure (For fans of Graf Orlock, Dangers, Tragedy)

ghostlimb infrastructure

There are your standard hardcore bands, and then there is fucking Ghostlimb.  A three piece with some of the members of Dangers/Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb is known for blending the most aggressive, thrashy, grindy hardcore and adding just a dash of melody for one hell of a ride.

On their 3rd full length Infrastructure the band pulverises the listener, yet has enough subtle melodies to keep you interested without taking away from any of the aggression.  Gruff as shit brutal vocals, and surprisingly intelligent lyrics (or unsurprisingly, considering the main lyricist is a history teacher).

If you dig heavy hardcore, you really can’t go wrong with Ghostlimb.  While their other projects often overshadow them, Ghostlimb is one of my favorites and is regularly getting blasted through these speakers.

Ghostlimb – Construction

Ghostlimb – Bearing And Distance
Graf Orlock – Destination: Time Today
Graf Orlock – Destination Time Tomorrow

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