Comeback Kid, Wisdom In Chains Live In Philadelphia (6/12/13)

comeback kid philly flyer

I want to tell you a little story (because it makes me warm inside… bonus points if you get the reference): I’ve been a Comeback Kid since they came out with Turn It Around back in 2003, and I finally was getting a chance to see them when they came around my neck of the woods in 2006.  A young me was stoked… until vocalist Scott Wade announced A FEW DAYS BEFORE I GOT TO SEE THEM that he was quitting the band, and that the guitarist was taking over vocal duties.  I was pretty bummed out, and went to see them (or more like Figure Four covering Comeback Kid songs) and while I had fun, it was not the same.  I’ve seen them one other time since then, and again, while fun… not really the same.

Then I saw that Comeback Kid was doing an anniversary tour with Scott playing songs exclusively off of the first two albums (the only ones I knew).  Yeah, no way I was missing that one. I showed up to Philly’s heralded First Unitarian Church basement, and holy shit, it was packed with 300 people and fucking hot as all fuck, but I wasn’t going to let that deter me.  I got there in time for Wisdom in Chains, who I actually enjoy a bit.

Wisdom In Chains

For the longest time, I always thought Wisdom In Chains were your typical “OMG SO TOUGHZ” band, with lyrics about fighting and plenty of chunky breakdowns that brutal DOODZ in basketball jerseys and Earth Crisis tattoos lost their shit to (a style of hardcore I completely despise).  Sure, there’s some of that, but after actually giving them a chance and listening to them and seeing them a few, they actually have way more punk elements than your typical hardcore band and I’ve grown to dig them quite a bit.

Admittedly, I don’t know many of their songs except for their album Die Young, but I can guarentee you I completely lost my shit and two stepped my way through “Fighting In The Streets” and “Liar”.  These PA guys played a solid set with the crowd completely going off, with stage dives and dancing the entire way through.  Every time I see them, I have more and more fun.

Comeback Kid

When Comeback Kid finished soundchecking, the Canadian’s answer to Bane broke straight into “All In A Year”, “Give And Take”, and “Die Tonight”… with the last song being the most accurate, as everyone dancing in the crowd (including myself) completely lost their shit and collectively hyperventilated in the heat.  What the fuck ever, completely worth it.  The band didn’t miss a beat, and embraced all the pile-ons, stage dives and general rowdiness, creating a symbiotic relationship between us and the band with all of us feeding off of each other’s energy.

Things, as they tend to do at hardcore shows got rowdy quick (I took a few fists to the face resulting in a bit of a black eye from a dancer swinging just a bit too high, to which I responded by two stepping harder… nothing was killing this high), and the band didn’t give us a moments rest keeping stage banter to a bare minimum before launching into their next onslaught of “Talk Is Cheap”.  Most in the crowd looked like they were about to die, but we didn’t let up… knowing that this was a once in a lifetime show these days.

Easily the best show I’ve been to all year, if you were in Philly and you like hardcore and missed it… you fucked up big time.


All In A Year
Give and Take
Die Tonight
Talk Is Cheap
Without A Word
Changing Face
Partners In Crime
False Idols Fall
Step Ahead
The Trouble I Love
Our Distance
Final Goodbye
Wake The Dead

Comeback Kid – All In A Year
Wisdom In Chains – Fighting In The Streets

You’re All The Same:
Comeback Kid – Turn It Around
Wisdom In Chains – Die Young
American Nightmare – Background Music



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