Limp Wrist, Sad Boys Live In Philadelphia (6/14/13)

Last Friday I headed out to Philly’s favorite sweat box aka the basement of the First Unitarian Church to catch fast as fuck hardcore act Limp Wrist.  I was still hurting pretty bad from the incredible Comeback Kid show I went to a few days before, but there was no way I wasn’t going apeshit bonkers to the sweet, sweet sounds of Limp Wrist.

The place was actually a lot more packed than I would have expected, and the queercore band brought out a rather diverse crowd of drunk punks, crossdressers, hardcore kids, crossdressing hardcore kids, etc… it was pretty fucking awesome.

Fruit Punch:

First up were Philly locals Fruit Punch, who played a relatively quick and aggressive set consisting of hardcore that reminded me a bit of Negative Approach but with more breakdowns. The band’s message was a positive one, albeit preaching to the choir a bit about acceptance and embracing all.

Sad Boys:

Although my friends tried, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to witness from NY’s Sad Boys.  Take fun pogo punk like Blanks 77, give it some crystal meth, and throw in a vocalist who pretty much sounds like the singer from Melt Banana and you’ve pretty much got Sad Boys.

Playing an incredibly fun and tight set, they got plenty in the crowd pogoing and dancing all over the damn place.  I definitely need to check out their recorded work, if you get a chance to see them, go do so.  That’s an order.

Limp Wrist:

The headliners, a Limp Wrist show is few and far between these days.  The band took the stage to soundcheck and the second the vocalist took the stage in his famed speedo and leather hat, the crowd completely went off.  There were no shortages of pits and stage dives as the band blasted through their just shy of a minute long songs.

The band reminisced about playing Philadelphia and told us how they were originally from here, and that their first songs were written in Philly.  They also warned about the dangers of crystal meth (which is surprisingly big in the LGBT scene) and had to constantly calm the crowd who was yelling at them to “TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF”.

Sort of like their music, before I knew it Limp Wrist was wishing us a goodnight before they broke into closer “I Love Hardcore Boys I Love Boys Hardcore”, leaving nothing in their half hour path of destruction but a bunch of sweaty ass kids with giant grins on our faces.

Highlights (from memory, might not be 100% accurate):

Cruisin At The Show
Limp Wrist
What’s Up With The Kids
Man To Man
The Ode (I think they played this)
Fake Fags Fuck Off
I Love Boys Hardcore

Limp Wrist – Smear The Fear

Limp Wrist – Self Titled LP
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Carry On – A Life Less Plagued

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