Night Birds, Omegas, Altered Boys Live In Philadelphia (7/11/13)

Last night I headed to West Philly’s Golden Tea House (which I JUST got the joke of the Golden Tee arcade game in their kitchen, I’m slow) for a good old fashioned punk rock house show.  The kitchen was packed when I walked in, maybe a song or two into Altered Boys quick set.

Altered Boys:

I’ve seen these NJ hardcore dudes names on fliers here and there, but never actually had a chance to see live.  Holy shit was I completely blown away.  Altered Boys played fast, furious (minus that bald headed Vin guy who races cars or something) hardcore that had a sizable pit going.  Reminding me a bit of bands like Ceremony, I’ll definitely be checking out their recorded stuff.  Sick.


I’ve actually never heard of Omegas before tonight, but I’ll definitely be remembering them.  These Montreal punks put on a rager of a show, playing their torrent of hardcore, which had me and a bunch of others dancing in the crowd.  Proclaimers of the “slam skank”, these guys are often compared to a lot of the older NYHC bands, but that’s doing them a disservice, they’re much better than that.

Night Birds

These guys have exploded over the past few years.  I remember the first time I saw them 2 years I was completely blown away, but never got around to checking out their recorded stuff until earlier this year.  My mistake.

These NJ punks were celebrating their record release of Born To Die In Suburbia, which they played a hefty chunk of their set off of obviously.  Their surf influenced Dead Kennedys-esque punk definitely had the majority of the crowd going completely off and singing along in the small kitchen.  Night Birds completely crushed it, although I heard multiple people bitch about how short their set was.  They played for maybe a half hour, which I guess is short for a headlining band, but you’re at a punk house show… don’t be expecting some hour long set especially when the house hosting needs to worry about neighbors calling the cops on them past a certain time.

Night Birds – Demon Haunted World

Punk Fucking Rock:
Night Birds – The Other Side Of Darkness
Millions Of Dead Cops – Hey Cop…
Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

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