Kid Dynamite, Kill Your Idols, Black Train Jack Live In Philly (8/8/13)

Faithful housewives readers, I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post, but between moving, jobs, and life… things have been busy to say the least.  But last night I was lucky enough to head out to Philadelphia’s THIS IS HARDCORE FEST, over at the Electric Factory to catch one of my all time favorite bands Kid Dynamite play alongside with Kill Your Idols.  Kid Dynamite announced that this was their last Philly show ever, as they are breaking up after a European tour soon, which is incredibly depressing.

The venue itself had a fair share of people for a cloudy Thursday night, and since it was a hardcore show the fest opted to put up a smaller stage on risers instead of the giant one to allow for stage diving.



My friends and I got there right as BoySetsFire was starting.  Personally I never really got too into Delaware’s BoySetsFire so I don’t really know any of their songs, but they had a large portion of the crowd singing along.  They played post-hardcore, with some songs being incredibly heavy (the ones I dug) and some coming off a bit too emo for my personal tastes. Still an entertaining set.

Black Train Jack

Black Train Jack are not very well known, even though it features members of Grey Area and Token Entry, yet their small and loyal fanbase(mostly oldheads like myself) made sure to shout along every word.  I never got a chance to see BTJ, so getting to two step to both Handouts and The Struggle was pretty fucking awesome.

Kill Your Idols
kill your idols

I never got a chance to see Kill Your Idols although I dig them quite a bit.  The charm of Kill Your Idols are their masterful ability to blend incredibly aggressive and abrasive hardcore with some of the most melodic punk around.  Playing a handful of shows since their breakup (do hardcore bands really even breakup anymore), I was highly anticipating seeing their set, and they did not disappoint.

Plenty of stage dives, two stepping, and pile-ons, Kill Your Idols played an incredibly sick set which passed by all too quickly, and even though I was running on only 2 hours of sleep, I managed to rage majority of the time.

Hardcore Circa 99
All Those Wasted Calling Cards
Funeral For A Feeling
What I’ve Become
Enjoy The Show
Send In The Clowns
Right Now
Wake Up Sheep
Grey Skies Ahead
Cousin Fred
The Path
Can’t Take This Away

Kid Dynamite
Kid Dynamite

When I first saw Kid Dynamite play a few years back at This Is Hardcore when they first announced a reunion show, I was stoked beyond belief that I would finally be able to see them after years of listening to them.  Fast forward years later, and that same energy and adrenaline flowed through me as they were setting up.  They CLAIM that this was going to be their last show in Philadelphia, but it just doesn’t feel right that they wouldn’t go out with one last First Unitarian Church show… regardless…

The band finished setting up and immediately blasted into Pits And Poison Apples, and didn’t let up for the rest of the night.  Obviously having the biggest crowd reaction (at least since I got there) bodies were flying and lyrics were screamed back at Jason as they played the majority of “Shorter Faster Louder” while sneaking in a few from their Self Titled and a few covers that were featured on Cheap Shots Youth Anthem.

Stage banter was kept to an absolute minimum, except for the occasional thanking the crowd for supporting them over the years, asking to keep the lights bright (so no one gets hurt in the pit… actually appreciated), and Dan talking about how Rise Above still gives him chills.

I’m torn about going to NYC to see them.  On one hand, it’s fucking Kid Dynamite and I need to see them every chance I get… on the other, seeing them end at their hometown with that solid set was perfect.


Pits and Poison Apples
Death And Taxes
Cheap Shot Youth Anthem
Table 19
Living Daylights
Introduction To Opposites
Gate 68
Rise Above (Black Flag Cover)
Birthdays (Token Entry Cover)
Scary Smurf
Never Met The Gooch
Got A Minute
The Penske File
Zuko’s Back In Town
Two For Flinching
Give Em The Ripped One
News At 11
Fuck U Turn
Heart A Tact

Kill Your Idols – Right Now
Kid Dynamite – Heart A Tact

There’s Chapters In This Book That I Haven’t Even Read Yet
Kid Dynamite, And The Art Of Moshing Everywhere
Full Kid Dynamite Set (2010)
Kill Your Idols – From Companionship To Competition
Kill Your Idols – No Gimmicks Needed
Kill Your Idols – This Is Just The Beginning


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