The Dead Milkmen (Live In Philly 8/24/13)

dead milkmen flyer

This past Saturday, I almost completely forgot about a free show happening in a park to raise money and attention for Rock To The Future, a Philadelphia based nonprofit dedicated to helping keep music part of school curriculum by donating instruments, etc.  Luckily, a helpful reminder text from my girlfriend had me down at Liberty Lands Park in Philly just in time to catch Philadelphia punk/goofball legends The Dead Milkmen.

I’ve seen The Dead Milkmen a couple of times beforehand, but wasn’t really sure what to expect at a free park show deemed family friendly.  Everyone had their blankets out and sitting like it was a picnic when I arrived, and it was obvious that frontman Rodney was not ok with this.  Opening the set informing us that this was a family friendly event and blasting straight into fuck-riddled “V.F.W”, Rodney jumped down into the crowd and got everyone to stand up and move closer.  While dancing was still kept at a minimum, it started to feel more like a punk show.

The band played through long setlist, covering a lot of lesser known material (which they acknowledged at the end of the show) while sprinkling a few of the hits in there.  Rodney was constantly in the crowd during songs, and a small pit with some spurts of crowd surfing happened here and there.

Definitely a solid way to spend a beautiful Saturday.

Punk Rock Girl
Methodist Coloring Book
Big Words Make The Baby Jesus Cry
Serrated Edge
Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song
Smoking Banana Peels
Right Wing Pidgeons
Now I wanna hold your Dog
Bitchin Camero
Tiny Town
If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire
Welcome To The Undertown
Dean’s Dream
Some Young Guy
Beach Party Vietnam
Big Lizard
Life Is Shit

Anthropology Days
A Cover

Dead Milkmen – If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire

The Low Budgets – Aim Low, Get High
The Low Budgets – Leave Us A Loan


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