Streetlight Manifesto, Dan Potthast Live In Philly (10/2/13)


Holy fuck have I been incredibly busy.  It’s already a week into October and I’m so behind on all posts.  Tonight I was hoping to be at the Marky Ramone show with Andrew WK doing vocals, but I’m feeling incredibly shitty tonight, so time to catch up on some posts!

This past Wednesday, I headed to Philadelphia’s TLA on South Street to catch what was supposedly Streetlight Manifesto’s last tour.  Of course, I’ve seen their “last tour” countless times now, so I’m skeptical but I realized I haven’t seen one of my all time favorite ska bands in over 5 years… so yeah, no way I was missing that.

Dan Potthast:


I didn’t make it down in time to catch Mike Park (who puts on a great show by the way), but did make it in time to catch the majority of Dan Potthast.  Armed with an acoustic guitar and a computer, the MU330 frontman always puts on an entertaining and awesome show, and this is coming from someone who really just isn’t into solo acts.  Dan has a special way of really interacting with his audience, talking to them throughout the entire set and really making the bigger venue feel more like a small bar or coffee shop.  People were skanking throughout his set, and he even threw in a MU330 song playing KKK Highway.

At one point, some fans kept heckling him and yelling freebird, to which he responded with Heckler Song, which pretty much just rips apart with the heckler, and Dan made sure to throw in personal jabs at him throughout the song.  Definitely a good time, and my only wish was if Dan played “Fan” or “X-Mas Card”.

Streetlight Manifesto:


As I stated earlier, it’s been fucking years since I’ve last seen Streetlight Manifesto.  I used to go to their shows religiously ever since they started (hey, I am from NJ…) and there was a point in my life where I was listening to them daily, but ever since they stopped making new albums and made the cover albums as a response to their dispute with Victory Records, my interest just waned a bit.  But I’ll give credit where credit is due: if there is one thing that can be said about Streetlight Manifesto, it’s that their songwriting ability and lyrics are light years ahead of any of their contemporaries as far as depth goes.

The band took the stage, and the crowd instantaneously went completely apeshit.  A giant pit opened up, while some of the more traditional skanking fans (including yours truly) started a smaller pit to the side.  The band opened with “With Any Sort Of Certainty” off of their latest The Hands That Thieve, and then into “We Will Fall Together”.  In usual Streetlight Manifesto style, they kept stage banter to a complete minimum and powered through their set which was a nice mix of all three of their studio albums.

Definitely a solid set, it was good seeing them again, and I’m now tempted to head into Jersey next month to catch them play all of their songs over the course of two nights.

With Any Sort Of Certainty
We Will Fall Together
Down, Down, Down To Mephisto’s Cafe
Here’s To Life (Bandits of The Acoustic Revolution Cover)
A Better Place, A Better Time
They Broke Him Down
The Receiving End Of It All
Toe To Toe
What A Wonderful Life (Bandits of The Acoustic Revolution Cover)
If Only For Memories
The Three Of Us
A Moment Of Silence
A Moment Of Violence
Watch It Crash

Somewhere In The Between
The Big Sleep

Streetlight Manifesto – Somewhere in the Between

I Could Have Lost My Life And I Would Have Lost My Mind But Now I’m Fine:
Scenester 101: How to Be a 3rd Wave Ska Dork
Less Than Jake – Greetings And Salutations 
Big D And The Kids Table – Good Luck
Against All Authority – 24 Hours Roadside Resistance

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