Coke Bust – Confined (For fans of Punch, Infest, Ceremony)


Little homework for this post: go to the store and chug like 5 red bulls, then grab a brick and smash yourself in the face… go ahead, I’ll wait.  OK back from the hospital yet?  Now you have an idea of the type of adrenaline rush to expect from Confined, the latest from Washington DC’s hardcore/power violence straight edge dudes Coke Bust.

With 9 incredibly hard hitting songs in under 9 minutes, Confined is a shit storm of emotions… well… of emotion, it’s pretty much just fucking pissed off.  The songs are concise, no frills, and all killer.  One thing that really impressed me was just how cohesive the entire album felt the way it all just flowed together, you could make the argument that this could have been one long song, and I mean that in the best way possible.

If you like your hardcore out of control and leaving you asking what the fuck happened, you definitely need to check out Confined by Coke Bust.

Coke Bust – Iron Spiral

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Coke Bust

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