Good Riddance, Flatliners, Western Addiction Live In Philly (10/17/13)

A few months back when I saw that Good Riddance would be playing a tiny Philly bar, I bought tickets the minute they went on sale… there was no way I was going to miss this, and I was ridiculously stoked.  Then they announced that one of the openers would be Western Addiction, I wasn’t really sure what to do with myself.  I’ve loved both of these bands for so long and have never had a chance to see either.

I headed to Philly’s Voltage Lounge, a new-ish small venue that was converted from a sport’s bar, and I wound up catching just the end of indie-punk locals Ma Jolie set, but made it with plenty of time for Western Addiction.

Western Addiction

As I’ve mentioned previously, I was beyond excited to catch San Francisco hardcore dudes Western Addiction, as they rarely make it to the east coast and the one time they did I missed it.  I listen and skate to their full length Cognicide pretty regularly, so it was awesome to finally get to see those songs live.  The band took the stage with a bit of a delay due to some sound problems, but they joked and interacted with the crowd during the set.  You can tell these guys were all about having fun, something that’s pretty rare in a scene of a hardcore bands taking themselves way too seriously.

The band opened with a new one “God Says No” off of their upcoming 7-inch Pines that’s coming out next month, and then blasted straight into “Mailer, Meet Jim”.  While it seemed like the majority of the crowd had no idea who they were, the few of us who did were shouting along every word. The band continued to play the majority of Cognicide with a few new ones sprinkled in, and put on one of the most solid sets I’ve seen in a while.  Come back soon dudes, don’t wait 7 years this time?

God Says No
Mailer, Meet Jim
When A Good Friend Attacks
My Opinion Is, I Hate It
Matrons For The Canals
A Poor Recipe For Civic Cohesion
Black Salt
Incendiary Minds
Animals And Children
It’s Funny I Don’t Feel Like A Winner
The Church Of Black Flag
Charged Words

The Flatliners:

The Flatliners were up next, and even though I’m not overly familiar with their stuff (I only knew some of their more ska songs), these Canadian melodic punks definitely put on an energetic show.  They definitely had a pit and crowd surfers throughout the entirety of their set, and it was clear that a decent amount of the crowd was there to only catch them.

Good Riddance:

These Santa Cruz dudes have been at it for a long while, spanning decades with their hardcore influenced skate punk.  They have a considerable discography and I was pumped to finally get to see them, especially in an intimate environment.  The band opened up with “Last Believer”, and pile-ons, pits, and  sing-alongs were immediately had.  Russ and company didn’t miss a beat, playing a solid and long set list.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I had a giant smile on my face through out the entire set, as it was easily one of the most fun shows I’ve been to all year.

The band kept the stage banter playful (trying on some lost glasses, picking on the drunk shirtless kid in the crowd in jest) and Russ even said he’d spare us the political talk tonight.

I wasn’t supposed to be dancing (car accident injuries duuude) but once they played “Pisces/Almost Home”, “Yesterday’s Headlines”, and “Made To Be Broken” all bets were off.  Oh and “Libertine”… I’m still fucking hurting from that.

I don’t know if this is just a one time reunion tour or if they decided to end their hiatus, but do yourself a favor and go fucking see them either way.  One of the best shows I’ve been to in a looooong time.

Last Believer
Weight Of The World
Heresy, Hypocrisy, Revenge
All Fall Down
Darkest Days
Credit To His Gender
Shadows of Defeat
Dear Cammi
Shit Talking Capitalist
Fertile Fields
Out Of My Mind
Think Of Me
Pisces/Almost Home
Yesterday’s Headlines
Made To Be Broken
Mother Superior
Winning The Hearts And Minds

United Cigar
Letters Home

Good Riddance – Libertine
Western Addiction – It’s Funny, I Don’t Like A Winner

The Music Somehow Seems To Get Me By:
Western Addiction – Cognicide
Nofx – Ribbed
Bad Religion – Suffer

Fat Wreck


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