Melt Banana – Fetch (For fans of HORSE The Band, Mr. Bungle, Mike Patton)

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I’ve been anxiously waiting a new Melt Banana album ever since they released one of my all time favorites Bambi’s Dilemma back in 2007.  On Bambi’s Dilemma, these Japanese noise rockers flirted with pop melodies on the majority of their songs, while leaving some room in for the spastic short more experimental songs they became famous for.  Their latest album Fetch isn’t so much of a departure of their pop melodies as much as it is an expansion.  Yes folks, Melt Banana brought back the weird.

For starters, the songs seem much more developed and have a broader and expansive sound to them.  This may be because they are making up for the fact that the four piece has been reduced to just the singer and the guitarist.  Don’t get me wrong, the pop melodies from Cell Scrape and Bambi’s Dilemma are here, just there’s a wall of sound on top of them so you have to dig deeper to find them, and won’t become instantly noticeable until after a few listens. There’s a shit ton of dissonance on this album, as seen in songs such as “My Missing Link.”  Their punk roots shine through throughout the album, albeit more defined on some songs than others. “Lie Lied Lies” sounds like it could have come right off of Cell Scrape and “The Hive” sounds like their much earlier work.

If there’s one thing to expect from Melt Banana, it’s to always expect the unexpected… on both their albums and their live shows.  If they come around your area, please go see them.  I unfortunately wasn’t able to catch them this time around, and I am really depressed about it, so let me live vicariously through you, k?

Melt Banana is definitely not for everyone, but if you find yourself appreciating them, you’ll find yourself in love with one of the most creative bands around.
Melt Banana – The Hive

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