Western Addiction – Pines (For fans of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Paint It Black)


When San Francisco’s hardcore act made headway with their first full length Cognicide back in 2005, I was completely blown away and left me wanting more.  It took 8 years of being blue-balled, but finally they give us their 3 song EP Pines. 

Pines is exactly what you’d expect from Western Addiction: fast, concise and not really missing a beat from where they left off.  Taking the influences of old pissed hardcore like Black Flag or Minor Threat, Pines is a solid listen for anyone craving some solid punk rock.  There is something a little bit different from Cognicide and Pines, and I don’t think it’s just the expanded songs themselves as much as the recording.  It seems slightly muffled, but doesn’t really take much away from the EP.

Oh, and if Western Addiction comes around your parts, do yourself a favor and go see them.  They tear it up live.

Western Addiction – God Says No

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