Protest The Hero – Volition (For fans Propagandhi, Lamb Of God, Symphony X)


Protest The Hero continues to blow my mind.  Seeing these Ontario dudes progress from when I first got into them in 2003 from a melodic punk band to the genre hopping band they are today is pretty fucking awesome, and their latest Volition doesn’t disappoint.


On Volition, Protest The Hero continues to follow their progressive metal/thrash path while still wearing their punk influences on their plaid lumberjack-esque sleeves (that’s what Canadians wear, right?).  Fans of their previous Kezia and Fortress who found the screams and growls lacking Scurrilous will find refuge on their latest album.


Lyrically, the band is much more blunt politically than in the past… take “Tilting Against Windmills” for example, a song tearing into homophobes and religion that spread hate.  With lyrics such as “a sin against god or you, well then fuck him and fuck you too” Protest The Hero aren’t holding back any punches this time around.  There’s also a bunch of cameo’s on this album, including Todd The Rod from Propagandhi and folk singer Jadea Kelly (and the drumwork by Chris of Lamb Of God should also be mentioned).
I’ve seen a lot of people say that Volition is Protest The Hero’s best work yet, and while I do enjoy the album immensely, I don’t think it tops Fortress.  That being said, it’s a must for any fan of progressive metal and Protest The Hero in general, and it will definitely be in my top 10 of 2013.

Protest The Hero – Mist

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