Protest The Hero Live At The Trocadero (12/15/13 Philly)

protest the hero

Last night, I headed to Philly’s Trocadero to catch Canadian prog-thrash-punk-I don’t know what the fuck to classify them as dudes Protest The Hero.  I had to pick between seeing them and Big D and The Kid’s Table which was happening across town, on account I just saw Big D last month, I opted to go with PTH.  I got to the Trocadero late, and was told at the door that there was “no moshing or crowd surfing tonight.”  Pffft… fat chance.

I missed most of the openers, but caught a bit of Affiance’s set.  I’m not a huge fan of metalcore or that style of music in general (Protest The Hero is the exception, and probably only because I got into them during their A Calculated Use Of Sound melodic punk days), but I have to hand it to these guys… they definitely had some fucking stage presence.  The singer not only leaped the barricades to crowd surf, but brought a tom drum with him and hit the shit out of it while crowd surfing and singing into the mic at the same time.  That’s pretty fucking bad ass.

Protest The Hero:

After listening to them for a decade now, this was the 4th time I was seeing Protest The Hero, and I was excited to hear the some of the new songs from Volition live (particularly Mist, which they completely slayed).  In typical Protest fashion, the band set up with Propagandhi playing in the background, pumping me and exactly the one other Propagandhi fan in the room (I forgot that PTH doesn’t really draw much of a punk crowd, regardless of their roots).

They opened up with Underbite, and a pit immediately broke out, although it remained sporadic throughout the night.  Even if you hate Protest The Hero, it can’t be denied that they are some hell of musicians, playing ridiculous time signatures with some very technical riffs, and they are completely able to pull it off live.

There were few breaks in between songs, with Rody taking jabs at The Flyers, telling stories of dumbass Canadian rednecks, and talking about how a 16 year old New Foundlander outdrank him.  The band actually did a really good job of splitting up their setlist from all of their full length, throwing in a few from Kezia.  Definitely a good set, and the final stop on their US tour, the band ended the show by leaping over gap and barricades into the crowd.

I’ve said it before, and they are probably past the point as they’ve gotten huge now, but I would love to see them in a smaller, barricade free venue.  I feel like that shit would be insane.

Hair Trigger
Sequoia Throne
The Dissentience
Heretics And Killers
Bury The Hatchet
C’est La Vie
Sex Tapes
Tilting Against Windmills

Blindfolds Aside

Protest The Hero – Heretics And Killers

“Yes I want to topple the system”:
Protest The Hero – Volition
Protest the Hero – Scurrilous
Protest the Hero – A Calculated Use Of Sound
Protest The Hero – Fortress
Protest The Hero – Kezia



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