The Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade, The Ratchets Home For The Holidays (Live In Asbury Park 12/26/13)


There are a few certainties in life: death, taxes, and The Bouncing Souls Home For The Holidays shows.  Ever since the Bouncing Souls started this tradition back in 2007, where they would play 4 back to back shows in Asbury Park, I’ve made an effort to attend one show every year from my favorite band around.  This year I opted for the first show the day after Christmas since Youth Brigade was on the bill, and I fucking love those guys.

Every year, The Bouncing Souls do some sort of “gimmick” with their shows… this year they were allowing friends to write the setlist.  The setlist for the night I went was written by Timmy Chunks of Token Entry and Kate from the song Kate Is Great.

After heading to Asbury Park and walking around the starlit desolate winter beach some, I headed to the Stone Pony during The Ratchets set.

The Ratchets

I’ve never heard of local Asbury punks The Ratchets before, but the band definitely played an enjoyable set, mixing punk with hints of ska upstrokes reminding me a bit of Tim Armstrong’s solo work.  While it seemed like most people didn’t know them, it was good to hear some ska up in there, and some buddies and mine opened up a small skank pit.  Good times.

Youth Brigade

Fuck. It’s been 3 whole years since I’ve last seen Youth Brigade, and the last time was actually in Asbury Park as well.  I was pumped to see these California (“Actually we’re from Canada”) dudes play again, and clearly so was some of us oldsters in the crowd, as a pit instantly opened up with a few of us shouting along and dancing throughout the set.

The band bantered throughout the set, taking requests from fans, making fun of said fans who were screaming “bring it back to the old days!”  “you weren’t even BORN in the old days. Your mom probably wasn’t even born in the old days” and generally kept the show light-hearted and fun as Youth Brigade is known to do.

I’m really hoping to see them again soon, even if that means I trek out to Vegas in may for Punk Rock Bowling.

Setlist (From What I remember and not in order):

You Don’t Know Shit
Modest Proposal
Fight To Unite
Blown Away
Did You Wanna Die
Spies For Life
Punk Rock Mom (I think)
Believe In Something
I Hate My Life
Sink With California

The Bouncing Souls:

The Bouncing Souls?  Those fucking New Jersey mooches.  It’s crazy how after seeing them many times over the 15 years I’ve been listening to them, having my arm completely shattered at one of their shows, and in all honesty not really digging the past few albums they put out… I still get ridiculously stoked to see them live (you can take a punk out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of a punk).

The band took the stage, and instantly the place was a rampage of circle pits, dancing, and sing-alongs.  There wasn’t much room in the sold out crowd, but we all made due.  Honestly, the majority of the set was a giant blur… one giant, fun, whirlwind of a fucking blur.  But I will say this, there isn’t anything The Bouncing Souls don’t make better in life, and their music has gotten me through so much.  I was on a high for days after that show.  Shit, I almost even came out of crowd surf retirement during my favorite song “The Freaks, Nerds And The Romantics”… almost.

Setlist (From what I remember, not in order)
Born Free
No Security
Sing Along Forever
Kids And Heros
Bryan’s Lament
Anchors Aweigh
East Coast Fuck You
Old School
Late Bloomer
Johnny X
The Freaks, The Nerds And The Romantics
No Rules
I Started Drinking Again
Lean On Sheena
Midnight Mile
I Like Your Mom
Lay Em Down Smack Em Yack Em
True Believers
Night On Earth

Bouncing Souls – Low Life
Youth Brigade – Live Life

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