The Offspring – Self Titled (For fans of Bad Religion, NOFX, TSOL)


Chances are if you know The Offspring, you’re used to their signature “radio hit” sound, whether the grungier “Self Esteem” from their Smash days or the poppier sounds of “Why Don’t You Get A Job”.   But before their commercial success, The Offspring released their debut Self Titled which was one hell of a  punk album.

Released back in 1989, The Offspring’s Self Titled is a solid southern California skate punk album through and through.  Reminding me a bit of Bad Religion and T.S.O.L, The Offspring really shine on fast paced skate jams like “Elders” or The Dead Kennedy’s sounding “Crossroads”.  Like many of their contemporaries at the time, lyrically the band was incredibly political with songs like “Jennifer Lost The War”, “Out On Patrol” and “Tehran”.

If you’re a fan of Bad Religion at all, definitely check out The Offspring’s Self Titled.  Don’t let their poppy hits fool you, these guys definitely played solid punk rock that is worth checking out.

The Offspring – Elders

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