Banner Pilot – Souvenir (For fans of Jawbreaker, Dillinger Four, Lawrence Arms)


Without a doubt, Banner Pilot is one of the best melodic punk bands around.  They first won me over with their catchy anthems when I heard Resignation Day, an energetic and solid punk album that you should definitely check out.  With Hearts Beat Pacific, the band slowed things down a little bit but didn’t really stray too far from their original formula.  Their latest album Souvenir (released just 3 days ago on April 15th) continues this slower evolution in sound, and is easily the most melancholy album Banner Pilot have released to date.

With twelve slower songs, I feel like Souvenir is going to be a grower for me.  I’m not usually a fan of when a band slows things down, but their songs still remain incredibly catchy and I’ve found myself listening to the entire album a few times now.  Souvenir is definitely meant to be listened to as a whole as opposed to individual songs, the album is just so incredibly cohesive.  Each song builds off the previous, and the melodic punk that Banner Pilot is known for is very present throughout the album, just slower.

That being said, on the first few spins it doesn’t have the same sticking power for me as most of the songs on Resignation Day or Hearts Beat Pacific, but a few more listens may change that.  Definitely a solid album, worth checking out if you dig melodic punk rock or any of Banner Pilot’s earlier stuff.

Banner Pilot – Dead Tracks

Banner Pilot – Hearts Beat Pacific
Banner Pilot – Resignation Day
The Holy Mess – Benefits Sesh
Dillinger Four – Situationist Comedy

Fat Wreck

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