The Holy Mess Live In Philadelphia (4/18/14)


I realized it’s been a full two years since I’ve last seen local Philly punks The Holy Mess, and my last attempt to see them a few months back was a total failure since I had to leave early.  So I headed out to Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie to see them play the upstairs in the backroom this past Friday.  I was running really late, but luckily so was the show.  I got there right as The Holy Mess were sound checking, perfect timing.

I’ve been to the Kung Fu Necktie before, but never upstairs.  The room they were playing in was tiny.  With about 20-30 people filled in it felt full and the room was about the size of a bedroom, which I’m pretty sure it was converted from originally.

The band was up to their usual banter, joking about new kicks, the terrible sound quality of the room (it was muddied and vocals were near impossible to hear) likening it to “It sounds like we’re playing inside my grandmother’s cunt…she’s very tall”.

In true Holy Mess fashion the band announced that they didn’t write a setlist, or practice, and “we’ll probably play some new ones… some old ones… who really gives a shit?”  Even though the sound levels were terrible due to the acoustics of the room, the band put on a fun set playing  a decent amount of new ones and a lot off of their latest Cande Ru La Degas (which side note: is fucking awesome, go check it) and the Benefits Sesh in it’s entirety (ok all three songs).

Unfortunately the show was cut short when the guitarist blew out his amp (on one of his last Philly shows too, which just seemed so appropriate).  Still, definitely a good time, and I might try to catch their secret show tonight with the Menzingers.  Sometimes it’s pretty rad living in Philly.

The Holy Mess – A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer

The Menzingers – On The Impossible Past
The Holy Mess – Dismount
Holy Mess – Briefcase Full Of Bruise

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