The Death Set and Wax Witches Live In Philadelphia (4/24/14)


This past Thursday, I headed to Philadelphia’s Barbary to catch Brooklyn electronic-punk-art-weirdos-whatever the fuck you want to call them The Death Set and Wax Witches play Shadowscene’s rad “Fuck You Let’s Fuck” party (the first one in quite some time).  I never saw either bands before, and the last time I tried to catch The Death Set back in 2009 when they toured with Cerebral Ballzy and Totally Michael, I had to bounce early unfortunately.

The venue was pretty empty when I first got there, but there was definitely a handful of people by the time Wax Witches started that made for a smaller and more intimate show (read: awesome).

Wax Witches:


I’ve never heard of Wax Witches before this show, but originally a solo project, the Australian two piece put on a solid set armed with a guitar, bass guitar, and a laptop drum machine.  Wax Witches played a straightforward set without any stage banter but with plenty of incredibly catchy, snotty garage punk.

Definitely need to check out some of their recorded work soon.

The Death Set:deathset The second the band took the stage, a few people (including yours truly) immediately started dancing and singing along throughout their set as we collectively lost our shit.  If one thing can be said about The Death Set, it’s that they put on one hell of an entertaining show.  I talked to people afterwards who said they’ve never heard of them before but was completely caught up in the energy.  Celebrating the release of their latest EP King Babies, The Death Set played a spastic energetic set filled with songs spanning from all of their releases, Clash and Melt Banana samples, all while climbing all over the damn place.  If you haven’t seen The Death Set before, do yourself a favor and go check them out live.  I love their recorded music, but nothing really compares to their live show.


A Problem Is A Problem It Don’t Matter Where You’re From
Yo David Chase You P.O.V Shot Me In The Head
We Are Going Anywhere Man
Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap
Negative Thinking (I think they played this one)
They Come To Get Us


The Death Set – Yo David Chase You P.O.V Shot Me In The Head

Math The Band – Don’t Worry
Team Robespierre – Everything’s Perfect
Atom and His Package – Society Of People Named Elihu

Like, so official dude:
The Death Set

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