The Death Set – Michel Poiccard (For fans of Melt Banana, Math The Band, Japanther)


I have to say, ever since I saw Australia-now-Brooklyn’s electronic experimental punk band The Death Set last week, I’ve been listening to their 2011 Michel Poiccard pretty much non-stop.

Opening up with a quick statement “I wanna take this this tape, and blow up your fucking stereo”, The Death Set wastes absolutely no time before blasting into their heavy hitting “Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap” a shout-out song to others in their Brooklyn scene, including Cerebral Ballzy.

The band is all over the place, with many of the songs giving off a poppier Melt Banana vibe, a slower ballad to deceased band member Beau Velasco, and even one sounding like it came straight off of a Bad Brains album (“I Like The Wrong Way”).  Speaking of Bad Brains, The Death Set clearly took a page from HR’s book of P.M.A, as keeping your head up, having fun, and just celebrating life is a theme that runs strong throughout the album.

Like most experimental bands, The Death Set are definitely not for everybody.  But if you like bands like Melt Banana or Intro5pect, definitely give Michel Poiccard a listen.  It’s the perfect album for the warm days ahead.

The Death Set – Yo David Chase You P.O.V Shot Me In The Head

I Been Searching For This Song Called Housewives:
The Death Set Live In Philly
Math The Band – Don’t Worry
Team Robespierre – Everything’s Perfect
Atom and His Package – Society Of People Named Elihu

The Death Set

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