Big Eyes, Tony Molina, Radiator Hospitals Live Under A Bridge in Philly (5/6/14)

Sometimes I think that I should move from Philly, as I’ve been living here for a total of 7 years now and occasionally feel I should check out another city.  Then something incredibly awesome happens like the show last night, and it reminds me why I love this city so fucking much.  So I totally missed Against Me at the Trocadero last night, but I saw that a last minute show was happening at midnight somewhere under a bridge in South Philly, and found this out approximately 5 minutes before the show was due to start.  That sounds awesome, there is no way I was missing this.

I never really heard any of the bands playing tonight except I knew that it was sort of a secret aftershow as both Big Eyes and Tony Molina played the Against Me show at The Trocadero.  After wandering around South Philadelphia AIMLESSLY late at night looking under bridges (and believe me, you see some sketchy shit) I finally saw a group of punk looking kids on skateboard who I assumed were going to the show, talked to them and followed them.

Big Eyes:


I got to the show approximately halfway through Big Eyes set, and there were plenty of kids out for the afterparty skateboarding, watching the bands, and generally just hanging out.  From the little bit of the set I caught, Brooklyn now Seattle based Big Eyes played catchy female fronted power-popish-punk, and put on an enjoyable set.

Tony Molina:
Tony Molina was up next, who based out of San Francisco had a backing band behind him, put on what was probably my favorite set of the night.  My friend described them as Weezer with guitar solos, and he completely nailed it.  If you dig Weezer at all, definitely check this out.  His latest LP “Dissed and Dismissed” finishes just under 12 minutes, so works perfect for us ADD fucks.

Radiator Hospital:

One of Philly’s latest poppy punk bands, their live set was much heavier than their recorded stuff, and was filled with antics.  With friends (I’m assuming they’re friends… maybe they’re just assholes) were throwing cans at the drummer, putting boxes over his head and it didn’t faze him one bit.  Meanwhile the singer was rocking out all while exclaiming “I am way too drunk for this!”  Definitely a fun set.

All of the bands were on the poppier side of things than I usually listen to but it was one hell of a show regardless.  Midnight show under a bridge somewhere? Yeah, that’s Philadelphia in a nutshell for you.

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