Ma Jolie, Hold Tight, Old Flings, Sad and French, Address Live In Philly (5/14/14)

Holy shit… it’s been 3 whole years since I’ve last seen my homies in Richmond, VA’s pop-punk band Hold Tight play, so when I saw they were stopping at West Philly’s Golden Tea House for a pre Pouzza Fest show, there was no way I was missing that.


Address Philly

First up were Philly locals Address.  Featuring members from old NJ/Philly hardcore band One Win Choice, Address plays a mix of punk/post-hardcore/emo/indie and they blend the styles together masterfully. With a slew of pedals and effects, Address is able to create a wall of sound all while playing catch punk influenced tunes.  Definitely a solid set (as usual per these guys), and even though they’re a little slower than what I usually listen to, I have nothing but mad respect for these guys.  Besides, they played a song called Space Jam, and that is seriously one of the greatest movies of all time.

Sad And French:

Sad and French

I’ve never heard of these guys before, but from France they are not.  Sad?  Well maybe.  But regardless, these New York folk punkers put on one hell of a catchy set.  Looking at their Bandcamp, it appears like most of the songs are acoustic, but they played with their amps plugged in last night, although they didn’t lose any of that folk feel (even busting out a harmonica at one point).

Their sound reminded me a bit of Run Forever, and my friend put it perfectly when he described their music as “awesome.  It’s the type of music you drink whiskey to.”  I need to check out some of their recorded stuff, even if acoustic isn’t my jam these songs were catchy as herpes (that you probably caught from too much whiskey influenced bad decisions).

Old Flings:


Another band I haven’t heard of but was pleasantly surprised by their set was Asheville’s Old Flings. Self proclaimed rock/power pop, these guys played with plenty of punk and metal influences with plenty of heavier riffs, and put on a killer set.  They legit seemed thrilled and stoked to be playing, and it appeared they generally were having a fucking blast.  That type of energy is contagious, and they made a fan out of me.

Hold Tight:


Seriously, I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I’ve last seen these Richmond pop-punkers (and occasional hardcore band).  Since I’ve last seen them, they’ve put out an EP and a full length, and was pretty stoked to finally hear these songs live.  Hold Tight played an energetic set with their melodic pop-punk that takes plenty of cues from old Saves The Day and Lifetime.  Definitely give them a listen, easily one of my staples.  Rad dudes, rad time.

Setlist (Not in order or complete):

Virginia Is Beautiful, WIsh You Were Here
Meade Skeleton Birthday Party
Power Converter
Mother Leopard
Moving Day
Purple Beanie
Sky Watching
Rock Garden
Can’t Take This Away

I didn’t get to see Ma Jolie as I had to bounce before they got a chance to play, but it was definitely a solid and fun show, and if last night was any indication these bands are going to tear up Pouzza Fest.  After talking with a bunch of people last night, I’m really fucking tempted to head up there for this weekend.  I mean, Dillinger Four is fucking playing along with SNFU….

Hold Tight – $122.50

Hold Tight – Blizzard Of ’96
Hold Tight – Can’t Take This Away
Hold Tight – Call The Zoo
Hold Tight/Direct Hit Split (Hardcore)


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