The Flex, Violent Reaction, War Emblem, The Stasi Live In Philly (5/22/14)

violent reaction flyer

This past Thursday sort of on a whim, I headed up to some random house up in North Philadelphia to see a bunch of hardcore bands.  It was the house’s first show ever, as apparently they usually just throw parties there, so the set-up was a bit odd (narrow living room, people standing on the couches, etc) and the place was PACKED.

The Stasi

First up was Philly’s own The Stasi.  Named after East Germany’s secret police and intelligence agency, The Stasi plays hardcore punk that reminded me of Negative Approach.  The band was celebrating the release of their 7 inch “State Voyeurism”, expect to see a post on that and their demo up here soon.  Solid set, go check them out live if you get a chance and their recorded stuff on their bandcamp here.

War Emblem

Next up were Philly’s War Emblem, who played heavy as shit hardcore.  They put on a good set, even as the singer was distracted streaming the Rangers playoff game from his phone on the floor (which I feel for you man, I’d be doing the same if it were the World Cup right now) to which his bandmates harassed him throughout the set, chanting “Fuck the Rangers”.  At times, they reminded me a bit of the illegitimate offspring that would happen if Discharge had an affair with NY hardcore.

Violent Reaction

A switch in the order of the lineup led to some confusion as The Flex were supposed to play next, but Violent Reaction played instead.  Self described as “straight edge hardcore for the anti-social”, I was looking forward to their set since I like what I’ve heard on their Self Titled.  These UK dudes played aggressive hardcore that reminded me of Coke Bust, they had a sizeable pit and people shouting along.  A quick set, go check them if they come around live.

The Flex

Last up were UK’s The Flex, who easily had the biggest reaction of the night.  With a huge pit (well it seemed huge in the house that could hold 6-8 people across tops) and people constantly stage (coffee table?) diving, their set was incredibly high energy.  Playing straight edge hardcore, The Flex were touring to support their latest Wild Stabs In The Dark.  Definitely a solid set, and they seemed legit stoked to be touring in the US.

More Hardcore:
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