Armalite (Members of Paint It Black, Atom and His Package) Live in Philadelphia (5/24/14)

When Armalite announced that they were playing on the already sold out show opening for Spraynard at the First Unitarian Church, I was pissed.  I didn’t have a ticket, nor did I plan on getting one because I’m not really a fan of any of the other bands playing the show besides Armalite.  However, when I went to the facebook event page and saw someone was selling an extra ticket day of the show, I had to pick it up to go see Armalite… I haven’t seen them since 2009.

The local Philadelphia dudes, (featuring Atom of Atom and his Package, Dan Paint It Black/Lifetime/Kid Dynamite, Jeff of Affirmative Action Jackson and Mike of Amateur Party) took the stage announcing that this was their sixth show ever in ten years (I’ve been to three), and with a champagne toast blasted into New Wave.

The band was in high spirits with a sloppy and fun set, and a very small handful of us in the sold out crowd were singing along every word.  Mike was taking his usual jabs at his co-vocalist, apologizing that we needed to sit through Atom’s songs.

They played through the majority of the songs they’ve written (which I guess isn’t hard to do with 14 songs), but they left out “Double Negativity-ing”… ouch.  Awesome fun set, I’m hoping they play a proper headlining show soon, but with all of their side projects and being dads and other real life stuff, I won’t hold my breath, and will plan on seeing them in 2019.

New Wave
I Am Pancreas (Seek To Understand Me)
New Years
Husker Dave
Other Entertainers
Dan’s Hands Melt
Destination: Not at Home
Boots, Sneakers
Cover (not sure what song)

Armalite – I am A Pancreas, Seek To Understand Me

Armalite – Humongous
Armalite – Self Titled
Lifetime – Hello Bastards

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