OFF! – Wasted Years (For fans of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat)


Los Angeles supergroup OFF (featuring Keith Morris of Black Flag/Circle Jerks with members of Red Kross, Burning Brides, and Hot Snakes) is back with their 3rd full length Wasted Years, and it’s some of their best work yet.

Even with the band members getting up there in age (Keith Morris is pushing 60), they still manage to rock harder than most punk bands just a mere fraction of their age.  OFF’s Wasted Years sounds like they came straight out of the late 70s / early 80s hardcore era (but without the shitty production) and it shines the second scorcher opener “Void You Out” begins.  From there the album and anger doesn’t let up for a moment, as shown on “Exorcised” where Keith opens saying “Today is a good a day as any, to tell you to go get fucked.”

If you’re a fan of early Black Flag or the Circle Jerks, picking up Wasted Years is a must.  And if you get a chance, go see them live… they put on a hell of a show.

OFF! – Void You Out

OFF! – Self Titled
OFF! – First Four EPS

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