Guttermouth, Community Service Live In Philly (6/27/14)

This past Friday night, I headed to Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie to catch Huntington Beach, California’s skate punk band Guttermouth for a late show.  These guys have been a consistent staple ever since I was a teenager, and when I caught them 2 years ago, it was still one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been to.  Yes, I’m pushing 30, and yet the 13 year old punk in me was beyond fucking stoked to catch Guttermouth again.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the crowd goes because when I caught them last at The Fire it was a pretty small crowd, but the Kung Fu Necktie was packed.  Totally rad.

I missed openers FTS, but caught local Philly punks Community Service.

Community Service:

These guys, even though I never heard of them before the show were like a blast from the past for me, and it was fucking awesome.  Community Service played ska influenced skate punk, inducing circle pits and singalongs.  A newer band playing the music I love and grew up on even though most ska influenced punk is no longer popular except for a few touring bands?  Warms my fucking heart.



Loud, brash, and fuck you describes Guttermouth in a nutshell.  These punks have been at it for a long time (forming originally back in 1988) and have been going strongly since.  The band and crowd were in fine form, with circle pits and pile-ons starting immediately.  Vocalist Mark was in fine form, looking legit thrilled to be there and thanking the crowd multiple times (he was also drunk, but a bit different than the Mark of the past who usually abused the crowd).

The band ripped through a bunch of their songs, dating all the way back to their second full length release of Friendly People, playing a few off of mostly older releases.  Rowdy and circlepitting, Mark jumped into the crowd a few times, even getting picked up by some drunk dude who immediately fell backwards dropping the both of them.

Terrific set, a Guttermouth show is always a damn good time.  Maturity be damned, these guys are still one of my favorite live bands at the ripe old age of 29.

Setlist (From what I remember, not in order)
What’s Gone Wrong
No More
End on 9
Lucky The Donkey
Do The Hustle
Jamie’s Petting Zoo
Baker’s Dozen
Mr Barbeque
She’s Got The Look
Bruce Lee vs The Kiss Army
1 2 3 Slam
Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired Tramps
Perfect World

Guttermouth – Bakers Dozen

I want to go punk but there’s way too many rules!:
Guttermouth – Musical Monkey
Vandals – Live Fast, Diarrea
NOFX – War On Errorism

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