Infest, Paint It Black, Replica Live In NY (6/28/14 at the Wick)

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In the spirit of non-stop show summer, I headed out to New York City to catch Philly’s local Paint It Black play with fucking hardcore/powerviolence legends Infest up in Brooklyn’s The Wick.  Always pumped to see Paint It Black as one of my favorite hardcore bands, catching Infest was just a huuuuge bonus and I would have travelled for either show.

First thing first, if you’ve never been to The Wick, it’s freaking bizarre.  It looks like it was definitely some sort of old factory and you have to go outside through a nice little picnic, courtyard area to go to the bathroom which is in a completely different building.  And under the bathrooms is a completely different bar which was hosting a gay pride event (or so I was led to believe by the people who were carrying glitter and rainbow stickers).


Video by UNARTigNYC

I didn’t make it in time for Ajax, but we made it in time for California’s Replica, who I’ve never heard before but who reminded me a shit ton of other local female-fronted hardcore band Punch and old Ceremony.  And let me say, Replica fucking ripped.  The band took the stage, and ripped The Wick a new one with their noisy hardcore.  The eccentric weed earring, playboy robe wearing, geisha fan waving singer decided to forgo the stage after a few songs and jumped down in the crowd.

Easily made a fan of me, they’re actually playing Philly tonight and I may try to catch them before I head over and see Fucked Up.

Paint It Black:

Video by UNARTigNYC

I’ve been so spoiled with seeing Paint It Black in Philly, it almost seems weird to me not to see them at the First Unitarian, on a random street in Center City, or a random West Philly kitchen.  The band took the stage, and it was clear that not everyone there knew who they were like most times I’ve seen them, but that didn’t stop a loud and vocal minority from singing along every word and barraging the front row with pile-ons.

The band played a much heavier set than usual, skipping usual melodic crowd pleasers such as Memorial Day and Pink Slip for more off of their EPs and New Lexicon.  Dan took some shots at NY, telling them to please not move to Philly and jack up our rent because that’s what you fuckers do, right?

Awesome time, they played a damn good set in 30 minutes (which actually was longer than Infest), and while I loved seeing them outside of Philly, I’m hoping they have something up their sleeves for the city of brotherly shove.

Atticus Finch
Greetings Fellow Insomniacs
Past Tense, Future Perfect
The Beekeeper
Props for Ventriloquism
Little Fists
So Much For Honor Among Thieves
Gravity Wins
Dead Precedents
White Kids Dying Of Hunger
We Will Not
Why Film The Carnage?



Video by UNARTigNYC

What could be said about Infest that hasn’t been said before?  They are easily one of the most influential hardcore bands around, pretty much pioneering the powerviolence genre in the 80s and people were hyped to see them.  The second the band took the stage garbage cans started flying across the venue and into the pit that immediately formed.

Things were toned down a bit after with just a few of us in the pretty spacious pit but shit didn’t matter, we’re seeing fucking Infest!  They kept stage banter to a minimum, actually almost non-existent and blasted through a shit ton off of their lengthy discography, playing a total of 31 songs in 26 minutes.

Break The Chain
Judge Me
Shackled Down
Voice Your Opinion
Cold Inside
Feeling Mean
Sick Machine
Once Lost
Sick and Tired
Terminal Nation
In His Name
Nothing’s Changed
Which Side
Excess Pig
The World Is Dead
Speak Easy
Behind This Tongue
What’s Your Claim
True Violence
Dirty Dope Dealer
Where’s The Unity
The Game
Kill The Peace
My World… My Way

Infest – Terminal Nation
Paint It Black – Props For Ventriloquism

Live Fast, But Don’t Die Young:
DNF – Hurt
Punch – Self Titled
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Coke Bust – Fuck Bar Culture
United Nations – Self Titled

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