Fucked Up Live In Philadelphia (7/2/2014 Morgan’s Pier)

fucked up

Fucked Up are one of those bands I’ve been listening to forever but never had a chance to see live somehow.  I’ve been a fan ever since I picked up their EP/single retrospective Epic In Minutes back in 2004, and sort of stuck with that for a few years before getting into their later stuff.  Now here they are ten years later playing a free show in support of their latest release Glass Boys at Philly’s Morgan’s Pier.

I figured Morgan’s Pier would be a pretty rad/strange place to have the show, as it’s usually a bit of a classier establishment that doesn’t usually have hardcore bands run through.  Due to the lightning storm and torrential downpours the show was under tents that were set up, but still happening which was the important part.  I missed most of the experimental opener due to me having to run back to my car and then getting caught in a freaking flash flood. But I braved it back in time to catch Fucked Up.

The tent was pretty packed as Toronto’s Fucked Up took the stage.  The band blasted into “Echo Boomers” off of their latest album.  The place erupted into a bumrush, and continued as people did dives off the poles hanging the tents up.  One thing I have to say is that Fucked Up is an amazing live band.  They manage to create a wall of sound as they did with next song “Queen Of Hearts”, and the place was a strange dichotomy of hardcore punk fans, indie fans getting into their later stuff, and random bar-goers who were hanging out at Morgan’s Pier for after dinner drinks.

Singer Damian took some shots at Philly (cheesesteaks and ECW), gave shout outs to Lifetime and Ink and Dagger, and seemed in jovial spirits at the ensuing chaos around him. I got myself in some trouble when I opened a pit during “Baiting The Public” which one overzealous security guard didn’t like, but he pretty much gave up on trying to stop me or anyone else once the place just went off the walls batshit insane for the older songs (which they definitely threw us a bone and played).  My requests for “Color Removal” (“we haven’t rehearsed that one in forever!”) and “What Could’ve Been” (“Mike refuses to play that song anymore.”) But I got to hear “Police” and “Generation” which were awesome surprises that just turned into one massive pile-on.

Amazing band, can’t believe it’s taken me this fucking long to see them after listening to them for a decade.  The new songs sounded tight live, so I’ll definitely have to pick up Glass Boys soon.

Setlist: (mostly complete, might be missing 1 or 2)
Echo Boomer
Queen Of Hearts
David Comes To Life
I Hate Summer
Sun Glass
Black Albino Bones
Glass Boys
Baiting The Public
Son Of The Father (I think they played this)
Other Shoe

Fucked Up – Queen Of Hearts

At Least Judas Had Some Balls:
Fucked Up – David Comes To Life
Trash Talk – Plagues
Ceremony – Violence Violence

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