Gorilla Biscuits – Self Titled (For fans of Youth Of Today, Civ, Bane)


Instead of a normal post, I’m just going to rant a little bit.  Last night I made the trek up from Philadelphia to Brooklyn’s House of Vans to FINALLY see the Gorilla Biscuits after listening to them forever with probably my favorite band The Bouncing Souls.  I took a day off, had tickets, and got in line 2 hours early and was close enough to the front since we got there decently early.  It was going to be a rad day.

Well, the venue “hit capacity” because of the absurd amounts on the guestlists.  They hit capacity quickly, because apparently they sent out way too many tickets.  Apparently a third of those tickets were not honored because the guestlist suddenly got huge, stranding hundreds of punk/hardcore fans to roam Brooklyn.  Why would you issue that many tickets?  Fuck that shit. I’m bitter, here’s a Gorilla Biscuits song.  End rant.

Gorilla Biscuits – High Hopes

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