Alkaline Trio – Self Titled (For fans of The Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music, Saves The Day)


Over the span of their career, Illinois punks Alkaline Trio have completely exploded.  Although their sound has changed over the years, my favorite era of Alkaline Trio will always be back when they were on Asian Man Records, and I have been spinning their Self Titled compilation pretty much nonstop since I saw them last year.

Released back in 2000, Alkaline Trio’s Self Titled contains a bunch of their earlier late 90s releases including everything off of For Your Lungs Only, I Lied My Face Off, Sundials single, and a few extra thrown in for good measure.  Even though the album is a compilation, it feels like a full length studio album from the catchy opening riff of “Goodbye Forever” all the way through the shouting “I don’t deserve this!” of “97”.

One thing that always stood out to me about Alkaline Trio were the biting and clever lyrics, often detailing optimism, brashness and bitterness getting over relationships.  Personal favorites are ‘My Friend Peter’, which tells the tale about getting over an ex with lyrics like ” I dont care who you’ve been kissing on these days/ it’s out of my hands and in my mouth is such a pleasant taste” and ‘This Is Getting Over You’ claiming “today i woke up, more awake than i have felt in years/ Not concerned with anything, no tears… I’m done with that shit.”

If you never got into Alkaline Trio, their Self Titled is the best place to start.  Chances are, you’re well aware of this album, but haven’t listened to it in forever.  Highly recommend you give this a spin and you’ll quickly find it back in your regular rotation.

Alkaline Trio – My Friend Peter

“Take Your Wings Outside”:
Crucial Dudes – 61 Penn
Smoke or Fire – This Sinking Ship
Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down
Saves The Day – Through Being Cool

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