Bigwig, Small Talk Live In NJ (4/17/15)

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Growing up in NJ, I’m not sure how I never made it to New Brunswick’s Court Tavern, especially considering bands I love play their all time.  It only seemed appropriate then that my first Court Tavern show would be to go see NJ’s own Bigwig.

I just saw Bigwig last month at NateFest for the first time (finally,  after them being one of my favorite bands for the past 15 years) but to see them play their own headlining show?  There was no way I was missing that.

I got to The Court Tavern after making the trek down from Philadelphia navigating the busy New Brunswick streets on a bustling Friday night in the college town, and headed down to the basement where the stage was.  The room was pretty small, with a bar to the side, and a really low ceiling.  Small Talk was setting up.

small talk

I’ve never seen or listened to Smalltalk before, but the first I noticed was Pete of my favorite band The Bouncing Souls was playing guitar, with members of Worthless United.  Musically they were nothing like the aforementioned bands, with Smalltalk playing a sort of alternative/indie/power pop style.  Usually I am not into this particular style of music, but I found that Smalltalk put on an enjoyable set, even if it’s not my usual cup of tea.



The room packed out by the time Bigwig took the stage, and the place was burning hot.  Maybe it was the incredibly low ceilings, maybe it was the fact that people were jammed in together, but regardless the heat didn’t slow us down too much.  The second Bigwig opened with “Sink Or Swim”, the place immediately erupted into a pit and everyone shouting along.

Tom and crew seemed to be in high spirits despite the intense heat and their warning of how they were probably going to puke on stage due to said heat, playing a decently long set.

The band played songs through all of their releases, with a heavy emphasis on Stay Asleep (including my two favorites Flavor Ice and Boarddumb).  An incredibly good time, hoping this means Bigwig is active again and hopefully recording new music some time soon.  Years later, they still shred hard as ever and definitely worth the trek down from Philadelphia.

Sink Or Swim
Sore Losers
A War Inside
Best Of Me
Your In Sample
Owned And Operated
My Right (Screeching Weasel Cover)
Flavor Ice
Mr. Asshole
Girl In The Green Jacket
Outer Rings
Sell Out
Counting Down

Bigwig – Mr. Asshole

Bigwig – Stay Asleep
Bigwig – Reclamation

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