Jeff Rosenstock, Chumped Live In Asbury Park (4/26/15)


After hanging out at a Phillies game all day (just like a good Yankees fan…), my girlfriend and I headed to Asbury Lanes to catch Jeff Rosenstock play his last show of his current tour.  I caught him here in Philadelphia last month when he played with Andrew Jackson Jihad.  The place was decently packed for an 18+ show on a Sunday night, and I was impressed by how many younger fans were there (as proven by the lack of people singing along to bands such as The Misfits, NOFX, and The Bouncing Souls in between sets but plenty of people singing along to Rozwell Kid… definitely had to use SoundHound to figure out who that band was).



We got there in time for Brooklyn pop-punk band Chumped, who’ve I’ve never seen before, besides briefly catching a bit of their set at the Philly show.  Female fronted pop punk, the band was in pretty high spirits as they blasted through an energetic set, playing music fans of Spraynard or Nona will surely dig.

They had John from BTMI/Jeff Rosenstock’s backing band come out for one song and play bass, and then had Jeff come out and play saxophone for another.  Things got a bit emotional on stage when the lead singer talked about the first time she met Jeff Rosenstock and broke out into tears as she talked about how cool it is and how much BTMI meant to her.  Very posi, but definitely very cheesy.  Nonetheless, they put on a solid set and had the crowd pretty amped for Jeff Rosenstock.

Jeff Rosenstock:


I’ve been a fan of Jeff Rosenstock’s music since I started listening and seeing Arrogant Sons of Bitches nearly 13 years ago (I’m showing my age…), and it’s crazy and sort of surreal to see how far he’s come musically.  He’s somehow risen to a sort of a cult celebrity hero in certain circles within the punk community, and has inspired countless of younger kids to get involved through Bomb The Music Industry.

Jeff and band took the stage, and immediately started talking about an incident that happened at an earlier show on tour where a girl was sexually assaulted.  It completely blows my mind that people within the community and especially fans of Jeff would this, and clearly it blows their mind as well, given the few minute speech of “we never DREAMED we’d have to say this, but that’s NOT OK.”

After saying what sadly clearly still needs to be said, they broke into We Cool opener “Get Old Forever.”  Fans pushed forward to sing along as people danced along in sort of one of the most awkward push pits I’ve ever seen… but the energy was definitely there.  The band continued to play songs off their latest We Cool while occasionally throwing in some from Rosenstock’s older EPs an albums.

With the occasional breakout jam session (including Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off), the band kept things light hearted when they did their encore, inviting Chumped on stage to sing along to 90s alternative hit “I’m a Bitch”.

Get Old Forever
You, In Weird Cities
Darkness Records
The Trash The Trash The Trash
Hey Allison
Snow Charges
Beers Once Again Alone
Bonus Oceans
I’m A Bitch (cover)

Jeff Rosenstock – Hey Allison

Jeff Rosenstock – We Cool?
Bomb The Music Industry – Vacation
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – Discography

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